Ragamuffin Kamikaze album cover

Ragamuffin Kamikaze

British Ghanaian hip hop artist the ?iddler photographed for his album ‘Ragamuffin Kamikaze’. Kofi Abban aka the ?iddler is deep thinking, sharply attired and cultured. I aimed to express this by making a thoughtful and atypical image that leaves the viewer to form their own conclusions on the meaning.

Pictured in front of a mural in East London; there is a strong tension, but also a unity between the background and the subject. Behind him is an angry scene, the protagonists seem to be pointing at him and shouting; above his head, one is showering him with money.

Similar tones in the subject and the background draw him into the painting and make him appear to be a part of it, while the focus keeps him separate. Is he one of them or are they out to get him? Are they real or all in his head? What is the meaning of the violent scene behind him and why does he remain so aloof and calm?

Ragamuffin Kamikaze album cover

About the Photos:
LOCATION: Desmond Rochfort’s fantastic mural ‘The ‘Battle of Cable Street’ in Whitechapel, London.

LIGHTING: Lighting is natural light with a silver reflector reflecting the back back onto the subjects face and creating catch-lights in his eyes.

Camera: Bronica SQA
Lens: Bronica 80mm F/2.8
Film: Kodak Portra 400NC


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