Taipei – Tempo

Life, like music, has a structure and an order, which is particularly visible in cities.  

Rather than going through city life with total free will, it is more like we are improvising within the tight framework of someone else’s composition. We have choices but are confined – rather like jazz players.

If colours were tones and our movements tempo, we could hear a city’s music. In fact, this is not such a strange idea as we created music and cities and our culture, they are all expressions of what we are.
The images are my interpretation of Taipei’s music – vibrant and fast-paced but dizzying and confusing at the same time. There is too much hurry for any one idea to have enough space, but it all has it’s own divine order and all in all everything is moving together, in harmony.

Camera: Ebony SW45 View Camera + Horseman 612 roll film back
Lens: 150mm Fujinon f/5.6
Film: Kodachrome EV100

Camera: Mamiya 645AF
Lens: Mamiya 150mm F/3.5
Film: Fuji Provia


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