The Age of Creativity

Thanks to the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (, I had the chance to meet a delegation of some the UK’s creative heavyweights while they visited Taiwan. They came here on a mission to promote the importance of the creative industries and creativity itself.

In sum, design, art, music.. creativity in all of its incarnations, including creativity in business, creativity in science and so on will be the driving force of the economies of the future. Having moved through the Age of Technology, we are now in the Age of Creativity.

I wholeheartedly agree with this and hope that Taiwan can move in some way towards a creative-based economy like the UK enjoys. More soft-power, better ideas, not to mention happier people and more vibrant economy would result. It was great news to see these guys in Taiwan and to hear from them that the government in Taiwan has big plans to push creativity in Taiwan.

Sir John Sorrell

Sir John Sorrell is the creator of the London Design Festival, he was awarded a Knighthood in 2008 for ‘services to the Creative Industries’ and runs the Sorrell Foundation, a charity foundation that works with youngsters, inspiring their creativity and give them life and work skills. Eloquent and affable, he expressed the need for talented youngsters to have creative role models to aspire to be. As role models go, you’d struggle to find any better than Sir John himself.

Sebastian Conran

The name Conran is synonymous with design in the UK. In addition to being a celebrated product designer – following in the footsteps of his illustrious father Terence – Sebastian was also responsible for designing promotional material for seminal British punk band the Clash. He talked to me in animated fashion about his love of photography and was full of praise for Taipei during his short trip. Cheers Sebastian.

Robin Auld

Robin Auld is Director of operations at Creative & Cultural Skills who’s goal is to enable the creative and cultural industries to reach their economic potential through relevant skills and training. He brims with passion for design and its significance in society. Clearly taken with the rise of design in Taiwan, his influence on the development of the scene here could yet be significant. Watch this space.

Nick Hansen

Nick Hansen has a plan – to rewrite the rules of music video creation and production. He is co-founder of london-based Bricks And Mortar Media, which supports emerging artists by making music video content a reality without the normal commercial constraints. Nick works with artists hailing from all over the globe. It is encouraging to see his interest in exploring and encouraging underground music in Taiwan. Keep up the good work Nick.


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