APCS Brian Aiello

Green-tech, Sustainable Cities – the APCS in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung has been doing well recently to raise its profile in terms of green / environmental initiatives. Some of these initiatives have caught international attention – such as a landfill being transformed into the Metropolitan Park and a biogas plant.

This September, notable speakers came to Kaohsiung as part of the Asia Pacific Cities Summit to discuss the sustainable development of cities. It was also an opportunity for some of Kaohsiung’s green pioneers to showcase their achievements.

Despite being one of the world’s worst polluters and having highly-polluted urbanised areas sprawled across most of the country, Taiwan also boasts some of the world’s best brains and innovative green-tech companies.

In fact, key note speaker Prof Michael Braungart commented that nearly all of the best people he knew in the sustainable technology field came from Taiwan. Kaohsiung itself boasts some notable innovators such as Epoch, a company which has won numerous top international sustainability awards for its groundbreaking use of water as fuel for applications as diversified as heavy industry, public transport and home cooking.

APCS Ken Livingstone
The former mayor of London Ken Livingstone gave a rousing speech about the initiatives he implemented to turn a failing London, into the creative capital of the world and a more pedestrian, cycle and public transport driven friendly city
APCS Gil Penalosa
Gil Penalosa the former Commissioner of Parks, Sport and Recreation for the City of Bogotá, Columbia introduced his 8-80 Cities project. It is a non-profit that highlights how dangerous automobile and scooter driven cities, like Kaohsiung, are for the most vulnerable in society – namely children and the elderly. He advocates pedestrianising city centres and making real cycle lanes not half-baked painted lines that do nothing to make cyclists safer. I hope the mayor of Kaohsiung, who was in attendance, will take note of this and do something about the dark-future, Bladerunner / Mad Max hell that is Kaohsiung’s roads and streets
APCS Brian Aiello
Vice-President of green-tech company Epoch, Brian Aiello, demonstrates the awesome power that can be generated using water alone as fuel
APCS Epoch
Kaohsiung’s own, Epoch, has developed water fueled technology that can help run city buses, power gas torches that can slice through solid steel and (pictured) a truck that acts as a mobile incinerator, which helped out as Taiwan suffered one of it’s worst ever typhoons – Morakot. The vehicle was taken on site to where dead and often diseased animals had lain rotting after the deadly flooding. Reaching temperatures so high it could even destroy anthrax in seconds, the mobile incinerator cools down just as quickly and is far safer than comparable devices.

Camera: Leica M-E
Lens: Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2


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