World Dance Games – Kaohsiung, Taipei ?

Kaohsiung is doing its best to host world sporting events that can raise the city’s profile and furthermore assert Taiwan’s status as a country.

Unfortunately, even when hosting sporting events within Taiwan, the team is not allowed to compete under their own country’s name. Instead they have to submit to being called ‘Chinese Taipei’.

This creates the odd situation whereby the events are supposedly held in a place called ‘Kaohsiung, Taipei’, which is a bit like saying Bristol, London or New York, Washington. Also, due in part to the delicate political situation with China, only relative small world events get held here in Taiwan. For example, the World Games, the Deaflympics (in Taipei) and most recently the World Dance Sport Federation Games. Kaohsiung, has steps up its game impressively in hosting these lesser heard of sporting events. Both 2009’s World Games and this year’s 2013 World Dance Sport Federation Games are regarded by many as the best ever.

Camera: Leica M-E
Lens: Leica 90mm Elmarit f/2.8


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