A-do, Amis Music Festival

Peace and Music in Dulan: Part 3
These photos of Taiwanese Amis singer Ado were shot backstage at the Amis Music Festival in Dulan and accompany an interview (1,2) of Ado by Mata Taiwan.

About the Photos

LOCATION: Backstage at the Amis Music Festival. Shot in a blue tent, which had been set up outside the main performance hall to act as a backstage area. As it turned out, the blue background complemented very well what Ado was wearing and her skin tone. Also, since I had my lighting kit with me, the lack of light was a non-issue.

LIGHTING: A battery powered flash head fired into a reflective brolly soft box camera left provided the key light. Fill was from a large silver reflector to camera right attached to a tripod and as close to the subject as possible.

SUBJECT AND EXPRESSION: Ado, beautiful and full of passion, was great to photograph. Working with Benson from Mata Taiwan shooting as he interviewed her provided a great way to capture real expressions as she responded to him rather than posing for the camera (photos 1 and 2). Nevertheless, shooting this way with a flash rather than natural light (as I had done before) provided an additional challenge. Obviously firing a powerful flash at someone is going to cause distraction, I can’t just continue to fire at will as I can when using natural light. I needed to pick my moment and take as few shots as possible to achieve my purpose. Luckily, Ado is used to media and being photographed as she proved by being totally at ease with the process of being photographed and interviewed concurrently and also having the rest of the event, which she was hosting, still on her mind.
..Thanks Ado for being such a good sport!

Camera: Leica M-E
Lenses: Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2, Leica 90mm Elmarit f/2.8
Lighting: Single Flash Head, Reflective Brolly Box, Silver Reflector


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