If We Don’t Rise Up Today, We Won’t be Able to Rise Up Tomorrow

Taiwanese Students are occupying the Legislative Yuan in protest of unpopular president Ma Ying-Jeou’s decision to rush through legislature that gives China greater access to Taiwan’s assets. Opponents are unhappy that the KMT government did not give the bill the necessary deliberation period and are demanding a line-by-line review. Some protestors fear this could lead to a slow annexation of Taiwan into a so-called ‘special region’ of China such as Hong Kong.

Many young people have flooded from cities around Taiwan to join the student occupation of the parliament in Taipei; those that can’t make it up the capital are standing up and being counted; holding peaceful but forceful protests, like this one here in Kaohsiung.

The feeling amongst these peaceful and thoughtful youths brandishing handcrafted placards and banners voicing slogans of their discontent is that if they allow this kind act of the government to take place their freedom will slowly be taken away piece by piece until it is all gone.

Musical Protests

Local bands and musicians in Kaohsiung and around Taiwan are adding their voices to the protest. Music is often an important part of successful movements.

Taipei, Legislative Yuan

In the streets around the Legislative Yuan in Taipei, students and young people continue to occupy the area, demanding a response to their calls for a new law which would make close scrutiny of all agreements with China mandatory.

See also “Our Democracy Must Not Die” My article on Medium on the same topic.

Camera: Leica M-E
Lenses: Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2, Leica Elmarit 90mm f/2.8


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