Lin Fei-Fan – The Future Face of Taiwan?

wp-1400-LinFeiFan-20140530-0030-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-LinFeiFan-20140530-0045-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-LinFeiFan-20140530-0017-(by Benedict Young)

Student leader Lin Fei-fan, who just recently turned 26, is one of the most recognisable faces in Taiwan’s current vibrant political discussion; he is not a politician, but appears to be engaged in politics in a more meaningful way than many of those belonging to the major political parties here.

He represents the new-wave that wants to rethink Taiwanese politics, wrestle power back from the fat cats and move Taiwan forward and beyond blue vs green bickering and the threat from their hostile neighbour, communist China. Lin Fei-fan was at the forefront of the occupy the Legislative Yuan movement and had been outspoken for a long time beforehand on issues such as media monopolisation in Taiwan and the dangers of signing one-sided trade deals with China.

This time last year Lin was relatively unknown, yet this March when he and fellow student leader Chen Wei-ting asked for people to join a rally in Taipei, hundreds of thousands answered, storming Ketagalan Boulevard and shaking the nation with revolutionary and positive energy.

Could Lin Fei-fan or somebody like him be the future face of Taiwan’s politics?

wp-1400-LinFeiFan-20140530-0063-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-LinFeiFan-20140530-0067-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-LinFeiFan-20140530-0065-(by Benedict Young)
Above: Lin Fei-Fan giving a talk at Central Park in Kaohsiung – 中央公園, May 31st 4014.


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