Sunflower Seeds – Ghost Island Flag Soldiers

wp-1400-GhostIslandFlagSoldiers-20140614-0008-(by Benedict Young)

The ‘Ghost Island Flag Soldiers’ are fighting for a cause. They are one of the many offshoots of the Sunflower Movement, bearing flags declaring ‘Formosa Taiwan’, they travel to support pro-political reform events such as Island Sunrise in Kaohsiung last month.

Appearance hiding masks are becoming more and more popular amongst ‘Sunflower’ protestors. They are worn in order to avoid family members or employers worrying about the wearers involvement in the protests. At the same time, Taiwan’s police appear to be using a facial recognition system to detect who is involved in protests, a move which has been criticised for violating human rights and invading privacy. The best advice at the moment appears to be ‘if in doubt, hide you identity’.

wp-1400-GhostIslandFlagSoldiers-20140614-0016-(by Benedict Young)


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