Friends of Gaza Occupy BBC Bristol

wp-1400-FreePalestineBristol-20140731-0016-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-FreePalestineBristol-20140731-0006-(by Benedict Young)

Luke, an Israeli now living in Bristol, stands inside the main approach to BBC Bristol’s Broadcasting House; arms folded and deeply perplexed he obstructs the way, refusing to allow business to go on as usual while his home country is visiting mass murder and destruction upon the residents of Gaza.

Many of the victims of Israel’s onslaught have been young children and it is reported up to a quarter of Gaza’s residents have already been displaced. People like Luke feel they can’t just stand by while this is happening, but need to stand up and voice their outrage.

He is one of the ‘Friends of Gaza’, who are currently occupying the BBC in Bristol, a move which they say was motivated by wanting to gain maximum publicity for their cause.

Luke says he is tired of the double standards in politics and the media and often finds the opposition to his cause quite ridiculous.

We have even been accused of being anti-Semitic, he remarks, eyes rolling, but how can supporting Palestine be anti-semitic when Palestinians are semites too.

He can’t suppress a cheeky smirk as he later recalls the Friends of Gaza being asked by the BBC to stop the ‘illegal occupation of their land’, an irony that can’t be lost on anyone who has followed the Israel-Palestine conflict in recent years or decades.

wp-1400-FreePalestineBristol-20140731-0022-(by Benedict Young)


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