Bristol shows Solidarity with Gaza

Bristolians of all ages and backgrounds marched together across the city in support of Palestine and in condemnation at the humanitarian disaster created by Israel’s recent bombardment of Gaza.

The rally was a family affair, which was a fitting show of support to the many young children sadly lost in the conflict in Gaza.

Israel is calling it a war, people here and around the world are calling it a massacre and the number of civilian deaths on the Palestinian side, especially young kids has been horrifying.

wp-1400-FreePalestineBristol-20140802-0063-(by Benedict Young)

The protest was attended by jews, christians, muslims, people of other faiths and the non-religious and this mix was also evident in the speakers on the day, who praised the multi-faith turn out.

Clearly, the sense of outrage regarding Israel’s military actions in Gaza is shared by families and individuals from a broad cross-section of Bristol’s society.

The protestors had converged on College Green in Bristol city centre after marching two and a half miles down the road from Shah Jalal mosque in Stapleton road; many held Palestine’s flag and chanted slogans of support.

wp-1400-FreePalestineBristol-20140802-0012-(by Benedict Young)

While unlikely to have any immediate effect in terms of policy change, rallies such as this one in Bristol bring people together and can help keep the humanitarian disaster in Gaza at the forefront of people’s minds

They also provide the chance for a forum between people from all over, who can share ideas and get information without relying on traditional UK media, which some people have accused of not being evenhanded about this situation.

Amongst the crowd and speakers, there was a feeling that some British media is unwilling to criticise Israel for the situation in Gaza and politicians are unwilling to take action. People pointed to economic and political interests with Israel.

This gentleman feels that the BBC have shielded Israel’s actions by under-reporting and therefore by extension are supporting them. He burned his TV license in front of the crowd and urged others to do the same and not renew their license.


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