24 Hours in Bristol

Having moved back to my home town Bristol, I was interested to hear of a competition that takes place over a 24 hour period with photographers all over the city capturing shots covering the period Aug 23rd noon – Aug 24th noon. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get reacquainted with my city and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. The following are my four favourite images that I captured over the period:

wp-1400-24HoursBristol-20140823-0266-(by Benedict Young)

5.32 PM: The vocalist of Immigrant Swing jumps out of the window during the Old Duke’s annual jazz festival.

wp-1400-24HoursBristol2-20140823-0021-(by Benedict Young)

7.34 PM: Trees on Ladies Mile, the Downs, Bristol.

wp-1400-24HoursBristol2-20140823-0043-(by Benedict Young)

8.02 PM: A couple views sunset over the Avon Gorge.

wp-1400-24HoursBristol-Nikon-20140823-0047-(by Benedict Young)

10.22 PM: The guitarist of funk band World Government pleases the Old Duke jazz crowd with very sounds from the trad jazz beginnings of Bristol’s famous Jazz pub.

The Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson (below) also took part.

wp-1400-24HoursBristol-20140823-0103-(by Benedict Young)

I met some interesting people by taking part in the 24hoursinBristol competition and during the photo walk organised by the Harbourside Gallery the day before. I am pleased to be back in Bristol, which seems to be more vibrant, more creative (and more sunny!) than ever before.


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