Sunday Ghost

wp-1400-Ghosted-20141005-225740-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-Ghosted-20141005-215756-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-Ghosted-20141005-205903-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-Ghosted-20141005-200215-(by Benedict Young)

A new night of creative and experimental electronica has landed on Bristol, ready to shake up Sunday night.


Head honcho Mirapid explains:

“There is so much great stuff happening in Bristol. Interesting music being made of all kinds and some amazing club nights, but we felt like something was missing. So we are doing something a little bit different… the Ghosted sessions are Sunday evening events aimed at sharing some of the city’s unheard electronic music that doesn’t necessarily fit into easily defined boxes.

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to get to know lots of musicians and producers in Bristol. All of us are involved in popular scenes of one kind or another but many of us also hoard all sorts of interesting left field ideas that rarely see the light of day. Genre or tempo is not particularly important  to Ghosted as a label or a club night. We are just interested in great music and hearing what producers are creating.

Music that carries emotional weight is just as important to us as those tracks we all love that are straight up club bangers. The Ghosted sessions are a chance for us to share the deeper end of the music we make and showcase some artists who make incredible sounds of all kinds.

My hope is that Ghosted can serve as a box of sorts for us to put that material in for ease of use. An ever changing ghostly shape that constantly shifts to accommodate the varied imaginations of local producers and musicians.”

What is the future for Ghosted?

“The first night seemed to go really well. Great to see there is a lot of support for what we are doing and the artists we are putting on. Really excited to do more after such a warm response from Bristol on a such cold sunday night. There will be a Ghosted session 2 in the next month or so.

Ghosted as a label is not a big operation so we will pick and chose things to release quite carefully. Our first release was ‘The Green Season EP’, which we put out digitally. But I know we all really miss the release of albums on vinyl, CD and even cassette. There is something more personal and special about owning your favourite tape or record than having a computer full of mp3’s. Artwork plays a big part in that.

I think we will experiment with format for the next release… maybe cassette and digital. Not sure what it will be yet but there are a few ideas floating around at the moment. Watch this space.”


3 thoughts on “Sunday Ghost

    1. Thanks Jamie! Awesome work on your blog also.
      I was great having the creative freedom to play with the ‘ghost’ theme, using long exposures and strobing flash to create ghostly, other-worldly images.

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