The Ghost in the Machine

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-21-5526-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-20-4639-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-21-3056-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-22-2958-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-23-1108-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-23-1745-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-23-4037-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150202-00-0235-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150202-00-0733-(by Benedict Young)

1400px-Ghosted-20150201-23-5615-(by Benedict Young)

GHOSTED SESSIONS returns for the fourth instalment of this night of wonky psychedelic electronic music in Bristol.

Commander-in-chief Mirapid“The Ghosted sessions are Sunday evening events aimed at sharing some of the city’s unheard electronic music. Join us on the first Sunday of each month at The Gallimaufry in Bristol to hear the more left field and downtempo ideas from electronic musicians & producers of all kinds….”More info on the featured artists below:
ghosted 4

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